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Facts on the fashion industry and it's damaging effects on the environment.

A massive amount of fashion is consumed by society around the globe.
Trends are continually changing, production is faster and prices are lower so together we need to make better choices to reduce the impact on the environment and avoid wearing this toxic clothing. 

I have done some research to put together this list of 15 horrific facts about the fashion industry and the negative impact it has on our planet.

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Top 10 vegetables & herbs for organic gardening in small spaces.

Grow your own organic produce with our top 10 vegetables & herbs that are easy to grow in small spaces! We want to share our favourite gardens and DIY projects so you can create the ideal vegetable garden for you. Vertical gardens, container gardens, mason jar herb gardens, garden beds and inexpensive planter boxes to get the most out of your space even in a tiny backyard or balcony. 

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Our 6 Favourite books for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable lifestyle.

Our 6 Favourite books for a cleaner, greener and more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you are already living a green life, or you're just interested in learning about sustainability and natural living, we are sure one of these 6 books you will enjoy reading. These books include information on how to reduce your impact on the environment, Tips & Tricks for greener living, DIY projects, Natural Health & Beauty Recipes, Healthy kid friendly food recipes or learn how to make your own household products!

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Wholesome Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mothers day is a special day to celebrate the achievements of our Mother's by showing her appreciation and gratitude. This year, Mother day is on Sunday 13th of May. If you have not prepared anything in advance this list of gift ideas will be very helpful to you. We are positive you will find the perfect present from our store that your mum will absolutely love.

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Raw, Healthy, Vegan, Dairy Free Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe

A Raw, Organic, Vegan, Dairy Free & Paleo Easter Egg Recipe so your whole family can enjoy easter without feeling guilty. An easy recipe to make at home and have the kids get involved the kids. If you love chocolate but don't wont be punished with food regret days later then this is for you.
Natural, Dairy free and vegan choc treats for everyone!

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