10 steps to kickstart your sustainable lifestyle.

1. Buy local sustainable food

When buying local sustainable food you are not only supporting local businesses and farmers but you will most likely end up with food which is fresh, full of flavour, better for your health and less impact on the environment.

A large majority of food in Australia not only is stored for days or weeks in cool rooms and before it has even arrived at the store it has travelled a long distance to get there which means a lot of emissions and energy was consumed in the process.


2. Grow your own

There is nothing more rewarding then growing food yourself and then being able to make delicious fresh and flavoursome meals. You will feel at ease knowing very well what you're food was exposed to from when it was a seed until it was on your plate!


3. Say NO to plastic

There are so many alternatives to plastic which do not effect your health nor pollute the earth. Make better choices by taking your own eco-friendly re-usable bags when shopping and by buying a sustainable drink bottle which you can refill day after day..

4. Buy quality over quantity

Play your part in reducing landfill by only purchasing quality items that are made sustainably and are built to last instead of cheap products made of toxic materials that you will need to replace. Buy less, choose well & make it last!

Invest in things you will cherish forever instead of wasting money on stuff you wished you never bought.

5. Compost your food and waste

Reduce waste and green house gas emissions by composting! By turning food scraps and garden waste into compost you can prevent the impact these wastes have on the environment when they end up in landfill, Improve soil quality and give your garden valuable nutrients without spending any money on fertilisers. For a step by step guide to composting see our last blog! http://www.wholesomehabitat.com.au/blogs/news/a-quick-step-by-step-guide-to-composting

6. Reuse or recycle

This is one of the most important changes you can make which helps the environment. Do your best to contribute as little as possible to what makes its way into landfill. Instead re-use glass bottles, say no to packaging, re-use eco-friendly cloths instead of paper towel, reduce printer use to save more paper.

7. Donate or resale

By choosing not to dispose of items and instead donating to others who may love your unwanted goods or who are less fortunate , you are not only giving the item extra life but you are also not contributing to the amount of single use products which end up as waste.

8. Check your lights

Have a look at what kind of light bulbs are being used in your home and change them into energy efficient versions. This will not just reduce the footprint from your house but should also reduce your power bill.

9. Cleanse and purify the air with plants.

Plants are essential for cleansing, purifying and reducing the pollution the air can substantially reduce mold & mold particles while purifying the air. They help by removing toxins like formaldehyde, toulene, benzene and xylene. For more information on how to cleanse the air in your home check out our blog on Top 5 Low Maintenance Plants For Purifying The Air http://wholesomehabitat.com.au/blogs/news/top-5-low-maintenance-indoor-plants-for-purifying-the-air

10. Make your money count and vote with your dollar

The best thing we can all do to make a greener earth is to make every cent count by using your money and voting with your dollar to support sustainable causes and environmentally friendly businesses. 

Investing your money is one of the most powerful ways we can change the world we live in and if we continue to support small local business, make cleaner energy choices,  consume organic food,  live a more sustainable life, buy fair trade and ethical products, only then we will be able to make a difference!


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