A quick step by step guide to composting!

Need to green up your garden?
Not only will your plants in your garden love you but so will the environment if you follow these few steps.
Today i'm telling you the basics on Composting so you can start making small changes which will have a big and useful impact!
They say  'Compost is proof that there is life after death' and it is 100% true. Each and everyone of us should be doing our best to give back to earth after all it has provided for us.
What is compost? Compost is the ideal way to recycle unwanted organic waste and materials which slowly turns into soil. It is great to use for plant fertiliser and is rich in nutrients which makes it perfect for the garden.
There are many benefits to composting but here is some just to name a few!
  • Reduces the use of toxic chemical fertilisers
  • Recycles garden waste and kitchen waste
  • It provides your garden with nutrients for healthy growth
  • Attacks worms which breakdown organics into raw nutrients
  • Help to neutralise acids and alkalises in the soil
The perfect waste materials to use in your compost bin.
Nitrogen rich
  • Grass cuttings
  • Tea bags & Coffee
  • Fruit & Vegetable waste
  • Leaves
  • Flowers
  • Hair or fur
Carbon Rich
  • Cardboard - (cut up)
  • Newspaper
  • Paper
  • Paper bags
  • straw
  • Dry wood, Twigs and bark
  • Egg shells
What you will need 
  • a compost bin or an area on the ground
  • 1 part fresh green materials
  • 2 parts brown materials
  • Oxygen & water


To start the layering of your composting, first put a layer of woody materials first on the bottom to help with air circulation.
Then continue to layer the rest of your appropriate waste in 30cm layers.
Ensure to moisten your compost if you notice it is dry and try to keep it moist.
Every few weeks make sure you turn the contents to speed up the process so you can spoil all of your plants. They will love you!
I hope this basic guide is helpful to some of you and maybe even gives you a great idea on what you could be doing to make a different to the war on waste.
Love & light to you all!

Compost is proof there is life after deathComposting Step by Step guide


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