Australia's One Stop Eco Shop has officially gone live and is taking orders!

The first ever blog for my new and exciting new journey in life ‘WHOLESOME HABITAT’.

Well what can I say this was only just a vision, a dream which I always hoped would come true. After lots of work and research I am finally going to be able to share my love, my lifestyle and my alternative choices with you all.

My passion for natural, healthy and an eco-friendly life sparked instantly when I started to open my mind to learn about how much most the population is turning a blind eye to the truths while ruining their health and this beautiful planet we have been blessed with.

I am now extremely careful how my lifestyle, the products I use and my day to day actions can affect the earth. I now live by ‘If it doesn’t come from the earth naturally, we as humans are not meant to use it because all the resources we need to be happy and healthy have been already provided by the earth. ’While being very conscious about products and daily living.. I still have a massive love for style when it comes to interior & exterior home design and I have and always will take great pleasure in using skincare/body and make-up products. This is what has driven me in creating a store to showcase a variety of alternative items while offering products which are not only a healthy sustainable option but will also please the eye and give satisfaction to those seeking tasteful and trendy home and living items.

My overall goal for Wholesome Habitat is be an all in one eco and earth friendly online store to accommodate your sustainable wants and needs in the same place. We want to be able to cater for all our customers to the best of our ability and would love to hear any of your ideas if there is something in mind you would like us to source so we can have it available in our store.

Wholesome Habitat will welcome any household items including health and wellness products, skincare solutions, cleaning & laundry products, Indoor & outdoor furniture, home décor and outside furnishings, home appliances, books, art and stationary, organic linen, ethical clothing and fashion accessories, gardening must have’s and natural creations to keep your kids and bubs happy and healthy with toys and everyday necessities. We also would like to supply solar options, green energy and lighting solutions, camping and travel equipment and anything else we think may make your home and lifestyle that little more wholesome..

We hope that by working with our like-minded suppliers who support small business, fair trade and ethical products but also take a sustainable approach by supplying us with unique eco-friendly items, maybe day by day ‘Wholesome Habitat’ can make a difference to you and the earth so we can start changing the world in the best way possible.

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