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A quick step by step guide to composting!

Take the first step to making a difference by making your own natural and organic compost while preventing food waste and extra pollution into the environment.

An Easy guide with all you need to get started on giving composting a go and spoiling your garden with compost which is full of goodness 

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We are pleased to tell you all about the up and coming skin care line we are honoured to work with - Seven Islands Skincare is now available on our online store

The completely natural seven islands skincare range is now available on our online store at Wholesome Habitat. We are pleased to tell you all about the up and coming skin care line you can buy on our store. This beautiful natural product line was brought to life by Anne who makes each product by hand.


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Top 5 Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for purifying the air

This is my list of Top 5 indoor plants for purifying the air from harmful household pollutants and toxins. Choose from maintenance free air purifying plants to keep indoors or just pick the one which is most pleasing to your eye. Cleanse the air while greening up your home by bringing some outside nature indoors.

Peace Lily Plant Spathiphyllum

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My Top 5 'Must Have' natural plant oils for daily skin care routine to achieve flawless clear skin.

My Top 5 Natural and 100% Pure Plant Oils I could not live without with Benefits and Uses of each oil.

Top 5 Natural Plant Oils for Skincare

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Australia's One Stop Eco Shop has officially gone live and is taking orders!

Australia's Newest Sustainable Creation has finally launched. Our Online Store Specialises in a huge range of natural products but the one thing they have in common is they are top quality and made with love. All items we offer on our store are either Earth-Friendly, Organic, Sustainable, Green, Hand-crafted, Hand-made with love, Recycled, Reclaimed, Ethical & Fair Trade. We try to support local small businesses when we can and also source one of a kind artisan made treasures from around the globe.
Dream is now a reality

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