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Soap Nuts in Bamboo Bag

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If you're planning on starting a green clean laundry routine than you would of heard of Soap Nuts'. Soap Nuts can be used for washing clothes or linen by adding by a small handful into a cloth drawstring bag which you add to your load of washing. 

Soap nuts or Soap berries come from a tree of the 'sapindus genus'. The nuts themselves contain saporin which is a natural detergent.

Soap nuts are a natural, organic and eco-friendly way to do your laundry. Our soap nuts consist of:

  • - 100 grams of soap nuts. This will provide between 20-25 washes.
  • - Two 100% organic bamboo laundry bags.
Using our soap nuts is very easy. Just place 6-8 half nut shells in the 100% bamboo laundry bag, fasten securely and throw into the washing machine. No need to add anything else! This bag of nuts will last for 6 washes and can then be placed into the compost once used.

Do not be deterred by the rather strange smell of the soap nuts as your laundry will just smell fresh and clean!

Give them a try! You won't be disappointed with your organic, chemical-free wash.

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