Aroma Diffuser - Juniper 300ml

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Part of our Quality Aromatic Diffuser range, "Juniper" is a classy and stylish dark grained diffuser with a strip of colour through the centre. Ideal for professional offices where bright LED's  may not be welcome.Aromatherapy is a medium of fragrance that can help to promote the wellbeing of a person’s emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states.  Essential oils are pleasing to the senses, but they may also work on a deeper level to help restore balance and bring about harmony and inner peace. 

If you wish to switch the colours on, it has 7 colours rotating or able to fix one colour steady on or able to have the light on or off. Each colour is adjustable between bright and dim. A perfect nightlight for a child's bedroom or offering soft light to create a romantic atmosphere which helps you escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Also has a timer setting and mist control. 1 Hour, 2 Hour, 3 Hour or Continuous modes - up to 10 hours working time, and is secure with a Waterless Auto Shut-Off Function.

300ml Capacity with mist covering up to 40 square metres.

Quiet ultrasonic technology which does not generate noise when your are working, sleeping, studying, doing yoga or enjoying a spa or massage.  Ideal for use with Essentially Exotics beautiful essential oil Blends.

Measures 16.85cm diameter at widest point and 14.65cm high.

Australian plug only.

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