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Citronella Essential Oil 12ML

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CITRONELLA Cymbopogon Nardus 12ml

USDA Organic
Citronella properties are numerous.  Antibacterial, anti-fungal, antidepressant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, stimulant, insect repellant to name a few.  

Diffuse to clear the mind and refresh stale rooms.  It can aid in the relief of anxiety and a enable a light feeling.  Can also provide relief from menstrual cramps and muscle spasms.  Add to cream or lotions and apply to deter mosquiotes.  May be used as a deodorant as well.  Added to massage oil, it is believed that it may relieve pain of arthritis. 

Research found that using citronella oil can help calm barking dogs. It may also be beneficial in detering fleas and ticks from pets and livestock.

Citronella will help deter mosquitoes however it will not kill them.  It repels by blocking the scent that attracts them, causing them to become disorientated.

Avoid using pure citrronella oil on your skin.  Not only can this oil cause skin irritations or allergic reactions, it has been found to raise heart rate in some individuals.

For external use only.  Keep out of reach of children.

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