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Lavandin Essential Oil 12ML

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LAVANDIN - Lavandula hybrida 

Even though lavandin oil comes second only to its parent plant lavender, you can certainly place it as one of the top oils in your medicine cabinet because it offers truly exceptional benefits to your health.  Lavandin Oil is commonly known as Lavender European in the Australian marketplace.

Lavandin oil is commonly used for fragrance in soap, body lotions, massage oils and candles.  The essential oil may assist in removing scars and stretch marks. It may also enhance blood circulation and promote cell regeneration.

Lavandin oil helps lift up your spirit by boosting your self-confidence and mental strength. It is beneficial for those who are going through depression or suffering from any failures in life. The essential oil also serves as a tonic for your nervous system and may help in the treatment of various neurological disorders like vertigo. Here are some of lavandin oil's health benefits:

Heals wounds or cuts. Lavandin oil has antiseptic properties that may help prevent infections from lacerations. It may also speed up the healing of your cuts. However, you should not use it to treat burns.

Relieves pain and inflammation. The essential oil may alleviate pain in the muscles and joints that may result from influenza, fever, or pox.

Boosts your respiratory system. Diffuse to help relieve lung ailments such as bronchitis and nasal congestion, as it aids in eliminating phlegm from your lungs.

Lavandin mixes well with other essential oils. 

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