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Mandarin Essential Oil 12ML

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MANDARIN - Citrus reticulate var.mandarin

Similar to other fruits from the citrus family, mandarin has a long history of being used in many folk medicine traditions, including traditional Chinese, Indian and European. They believe that the unripe fruit peel can treat a wide range of conditions — from hiccups, coughs, phlegm, chest pain, gastrointestinal disorder, to liver cirrhosis.

Mandarin oil may help with various applications, such as:

Protects wounds from potential bacterial, fungal or viral infections

Prevents spasms in the respiratory, digestive and muscular systems

Treats diarrhea, flatulence and constipation 

Purifies the blood and removes toxic substances in the body

Eases inflammation and stress

Stimulates a healthy appetite

Because of mandarin oil's remarkable calming effects, it has been used to help treat epilepsy, hysteria, insomnia and convulsions.

Therapeutically, mandarin oil is used topically or added in bath oils. To boost its effectiveness, blend with other essential oils with similar benefits. To help prevent stretch marks, cellulites and fluid retention, juniper berry oil.  You can also dilute mandarin oil in a safe carrier oil like olive or coconut oil.

To freshen up your home, add a couple of drops of this sweet and fruity oil in a diffuser or into a pail of water that will be used for cleaning.

here is varying literature regarding mandarin orange oil's sensitizing or phototoxic effects. A good tip is to dilute it with milder carrier oils to lessen its negative effects, if any, and do not expose yourself under direct sunlight after use.

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